Stucco Repair Services

What’s on the outside of your home? Brick? Wood? Rock? What about that rough grainy texture cement like stuff, you know stucco? While stucco is a wonderful exterior coating and lasts for a long time sometimes things happen. When you do wind up with damage to your exterior stucco wall this is not a do-it-yourself project.

You can’t afford to settle for less than our highly qualified stucco repair services to ensure your project doesn’t turn into a disaster. Repairing stucco walls requires specific knowledge of how to mix, apply and cure the repair patch. Then there is the experience necessary to coat the patch so that it blends in with the existing wall and becomes invisible. We at ML Construction have in our stucco repair service group some of the best craftsmen around for making repairs to your wall’s surface. Stucco repair is part science and a whole lot of art.

Our stucco repair services is second to none when it comes to repairing your stucco walls. Your patch will last as long as the wall and blend in making it difficult to know it was ever patched.