Junk Removal Services

Junk Removal

Got junk? Need professional junk removal services? Have you got “Stuff” all around your home? You know what we are talking about. Stuff that even the trash collection people won’t take. All those tree limbs you cut down over the weekend, all the junk from cleaning the garage or maybe just the stuff that has been accumulating all around your house.

Since you can’t get rid of it in the trash collection there is only one thing to do. Take a day off from work (lose some money there), rent a trailer (spend some more money there), load all your junk onto the trailer and haul it to the dump (don’t forget the dump fees). Sounds expensive and there is the potential for injury, cuts and bruises.

Why work that hard? Call us and save a chunk of change in the process. Have our junk removal services get rid of all that stuff for you. We’ll pick it all up, leave your yard clean and haul it all away for a small fee. No muss, no fuss. Call ML Construction today.