Furniture Assembly Services

Furniture Assembly Services San Jose CA

Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew. You may think you know your way around a tool box, and have put together a TV stand, along with the required assembly of a multitude of Christmas morning toys. But what about when you have a huge unassembled media display cabinet that was designed to hold 1000 CDs, or a proportional number of video tapes (remember those?) or DVDS in their cases.

The problem will be that it won’t just have shelves – it has doors, hinges, handles, and shelves on the doors too. Spare yourself a few false starts and a family room covered with parts of a piece of furniture. Call the experts in furniture assembly services at ML Construction. We are very helpful and understanding.

ML Construction will send someone over and you can watch our handyman, an expert in furniture assembly services, put the furniture piece together – there will not be an extra screw, shelf or hinge left over. Sometimes it’s better to admit when you can’t handle a job, and leave it to the professionals.