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Square, plumb and level

You are doing a little remodeling on your own and have hit a snag. How do you do that countertop installation? What about the crown molding installation around the kitchen cabinets? Do you fumble around or do you contact ML Construction? Why not trust this aspect of you project to the experts at ML Construction?

We have skilled journeyman carpenters on staff that have extensive experience on this very aspect of the job. Countertops that are not properly installed can pull away from the walls, develop weak spots where they are not properly sealed, not stay affixed to the underlying cabinetry and can just plain look awful. ML Construction will install those countertops in a professional manner that will bring years of service to you.

The crown molding around the ceiling is also another detail that if not installed properly will show up by sagging molding, loose gaped joints and look very shoddy. What you want is a crown molding installation job that brings out the best of this decorative treatment and will last till it’s pulled down. ML Construction¬†delivers this level of expertise with their full line of carpentry services. For more information about our carpentry services contact us today. →