What do you do when that annoying property repair pops up? Who do you call when you are looking for any type of handyman and construction services? You call ML Construction, of course! We have years of experience necessary to have your project completed quickly and on budget. There is no aspect of handyman services that we are not set up to handle.

Replace your old worn countertop or cabinets - nothing increases the value of your home like a freshly updated kitchen.Need a minor deck repair? How about adding a beautiful new redwood deck to enhance the usability of your yard while increasing the value of your home.Blocked or damaged drains can lead to water-damage on wood siding, framing and even the major support beams of your home.Cracked or damaged concrete can be a major safety issue. Let a skilled mason restore the beauty to your walkways an walls.Creating a relaxing sanctuary, organizing for better use of space and increasing the value of your home are 3 great reasons to remodel your bathroom.Properly insulating your home today will significantly reduce expensive energy bills saving you money all year round.An inexpensive and sure-fire way to brighten up the wear and tear that eventually catches up with all homes is a fresh coat of paint.Our experienced technicians can assemble furniture in your home or business from IKEA, CB2 and West Elm, and many others stores.Enhance the elegance and beauty of any room with the bold and decorative look of a crown molding. Installation is fast & inexpensive.
We do it all

There are so many things that Handyman San Jose can do it would be hard to list them all but let’s try to list some. We will undertake any of your Plumbing, Electrical, Door, Painting, Window, Patio, Fence, Artificial Grass, Dry Wall, Carpentry, Rock, Deck or Gazebo repairs or remodeling. Quite a list, and still only a partial list. Call us today to see what else they can do for you.

BIG or small

No such thing as a job that is too big or too small. In fact, it’s the smaller projects that when caught early can save you money down the road and spare you from a major repair. Many of our past customers have been so happy with our work that they have chosen us as your primary source for home repairs and remodeling time and time again.

If you just want a room painted, a door hung, a window repaired, a complete kitchen remodel or any other handyman or construction services we are your one stop source. Hire us by the hour or we can submit a bid for your project. Either way, you will receive the best service that is available in the area and total customer satisfaction is our goal.

Bathroom remodel
Artificial Grass - Front Yard
Tile Installation

Handyman San Jose provides the following services & more…

  • Electrical

    Fixtures, Plugs, Switches, Ceiling Fans, Outlets, Sensor Lights

  • Plumbing

    Clog removal, Faucets, Toilets, Garbage Disposals, Hose Bibs

  • Doors

    Install, Repair, Paint, Lock Replacement, Doggie Doors

  • Painting

    Vacant Property interior, touch ups, exterior painting and touch ups, graffiti abatement

  • Fences

    Custom build, or Prefab install, Post/Slat Repairs

  • Gates & Trellis

    Custom build, or Prefab install, Post/Slat/Latch

  • Flooring

    Repair or Replace most types, Tile, Hardwood, Concrete, Laminate, Stone, Brick

  • Deck / Patio

    Minor Restoration, Maintenance (sealer, paint refresh)

  • Drywall

    Install, Repair, Prep, Primer, Paint

  • Closet Doors

    Repair, Replace, Custom built

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